IMAV2018 Announcement

IMAV2018 will be held in Melbourne, Australia and will be hosted by RMIT from November 17th to 23rd.

 The indoor and outdoor competitions are set up to highlight the following areas:
● Aircraft efficiency and innovative designs
● Light and small MAVs
● Autonomy and image processing
● Stability in turbulence
● Multi-MAV cooperation

Please visit the IMAV2018 website for details.

IMAV2017 Call for Papers and Competition Rules

IMAV2017 logo

Please find the Call for Papers for the IMAV2017 Conference that will be held in Toulouse, France, from September 18th to 22nd.

The preliminary rules for the Competition are also available. There will be both an indoor and outdoor event, plus several awards and special challenges, including a virtual competition.

Outdoor competition map Indoor competition map

Please visit the IMAV2017 website: