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Support by Mathworks

In this fourth year of MathWorks’ support of IMAV, our software and my technical assistance continues to be available to any and all teams participating in the competition event. For access to MATLAB, Simulink, and relevant modules, simply complete our online request form and the number of licenses will be generated and made available for download in a matter of hours. Many of you already know me, but for the new participants, if you want example models of multi-rotor simulations, or examples in computer vision or other domains to help you get going with our software quickly don’t hesitate to contact me at . Some very useful integrations built over the years and available for you are, for example, our code generation support of the Pixhawk and the Parrot ARDrone (also see for rolling spider drone), which is very similar to our support for Raspberry Pi andBeagleBone Black (ideal for vision and communications duties) and STM32 (ideal for control) where Simulink models can be deployed to run in real-time on low-cost hardware. I look forward to working with you through the coming months and meeting in person at the event in October.