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Safety Regulations

The IMAV 2016 flight competition will take place at the campus of Beijing Institute of Technology. Security and Safety Regulations document describes the safety requirements and rules for the participants of the competition, which are meant to ensure safe operation of the MAVs during the preparation and competition.

Security and Airworthiness check

All participating MAVs (rotary, fixed, hybrid or flapping wing) are allowed to fly only after passing a security/airworthiness check. This check will be performed before the first flight and it covers all points listed in the document below. Teams will orally present how their MAVs comply with the security measures listed under ‘Basic safety rules’ and ‘Flight safety’ in front of the security panel. The airworthiness examination of the MAVs is performed by the day’s safety officer.

Detailed Security and Safety Regulations In PDF:

Detailed Frequency Usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System In PDF: