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Competition Q&A


Q1. Is there any information on the direction, frequency and amplitude of the rocking of the take-off and landing platform? Additionally, can you give us an indication of the (max) speed of the moving platform?

A:The maximum speed will be 1m/s. The frequency will be low frequency (<10Hz). The amplitude will not be too large.

Q2. Can you provide us with any information on the dimensions and material of the life buoy in the Mission element 3: Lifebuoy Delivery?

This will be announced later as the lifebuoy are not made yet.

Q3. In Mission element 4: Water Sampling can you give an indication to the dimensions of the collector where the water sample must be deposited?

A:The maximum size of the collector's top will be 1.5mx1.5m.

Q4. Are the sizes S0 and Si known for the marker on the landing platform?

A:Yes, the two sizes are known. S0=1 m and Si = 0.1 m.


Q1. Can you confirm for us that the test area (operating zone and the mission zone) are indeed inside a larger building?

A:Yes it will be inside a larger building

Q2. Is the relative orientation of the mission zone and operation zone the same through figures 6.1-6.3, i.e are the door and window facing the operating zone?

Yes. The door and window is facing to the right, which is the operating zone.

Q3. Is the mass of the Item A and Item B in the Mission element 3, 4, 5 and 6: Pick and release items is constant irrespective of the vehicle mass? In the outdoor task the mass of the buoy was variable, it is a bit strange that these items have a fixed mass.

A:There will be 20, 50,100 grams weight according to Table 6-4 in the V0.5 Competition Rules.

Q4. Can you give us an indication of the (max) speed of the moving platform?

A:1m/s max speed