2014 International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition (IMAV 2014)

August 12-15, 2014 Delft, The Netherlands


Important Dates:

11 August 2014
Practice day for competition teams

12 August 2014
Start of
IMAV 2014


Check out the keynote speakers of IMAV2014: E. Johnson, S. Fuller and last but not least P. Muren.


Call for papers
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas as they relate to MAVs:

Authors may submit two kinds of papers:

Scientific papers
Submitted articles will be subjected to a single-blind review process of the entire article. Key figures and references to pertinent publications in the existing literature are required. The maximum length of an article is 8 pages. The scientific presentations will be 25 minutes long including questions.

Technical papers
Technical papers may be submitted as an extended abstract (with a minimum of 2 pages) highlighting new or significant aspects of the authors' work in one of the MAV's technical field. Submitted abstracts will be subjected to a single-blind review process. The technical presentations will be 15 minutes long + 5 minutes for discussions and questions.


International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles:

The authors of the articles nominated for the best paper award will have the opportunity to participate in an expedited review process in the International Journal on Micro Air Vehicles



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