Dear IMAV competitors,


As time flyies by, here is a little reminder about a great opportunity for all IMAV 2013 teams :

Our sponsor MathWorks has offered to provide software, training, and access to MathWorks engineering mentors and technical support to teams who have completed the Student Competition Software Request Form.

If you are interested in Mathworks team support, you can still find all the informations you need in the dedicated sub-menu of the "Competition info" section.

Our sponsor Mathworks has kindly uploaded 2 videos to present more in depth his IMAV competition support offer and an IMAV quadrotor demo project.

There is an intro video showing the quadrotor indoor competition model in action, and a second video explaining the software offer and how to setup the quadrotor project.

Be sure to check this new content by going on Mathworks team support page.


All IMAV 2013 organization committee thanks Mathworks for his support.